they say i'm plump
Anonymous: no one cares what you have to say


I am so sick of people insulting the Bella’s acting. The Bellas have been in the company for years, but when did the ever get a chance to talk and cut promos on the mic? NEVER. Up until now they literally got little to no mic time. Do you honestly expect them to be that great like other divas like Aj who has had a major push and multiple time to speak and grow on the mic? Not everyone learns and or grasps things like other people. Once again, if it bothers you THAT much., turn your television off or change the channel.


"the divas suck at acting"

they nevet get a chance to promo so of course they aren’t the best when given the chance, what do you want? all of the divas to be Dean Ambrose with a vagina? ok good luck with your unfair expectations

To the anon who asked for Brie Bella icons, i will gladly do it, once raw is over and I can get the photos from the segment I’ll use those and some others for you. (:

I have a lot of friends who love Aj. I do not hate her, so please don’t think that for one second. Sorry if I offended anyone, or will offend anyone with my opinions about her.


i love aj and all but if she becomes a 3 time divas champion in the span of two years i might kill a man

I just want Paige to win this match, and finish her feud with Aj. Nikki said she wanted to work with Paige and if she won the belt, she’d want to take from Paige. I would personally love to see that so yeah.


I legit sometimes don’t want to post my opinions on Aj because people who follow me like her and they might unfollow or shit on me.


Inserting aj into the title picture over and over again is exactly what we need


The Bella Twins are more over than AJ, pass it on